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​Who is Self Employed in Business?

When you start your career, there are a lot of options you can take and these options are classified into two routes: getting employed or becoming the employer. Both options will grow your career and bring you to great heights, but self-employment usually clamour loudly in terms of prestige and power.A self-employed status comes with its own set of pros [...]

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​Pros and Cons of Different Types of Lending

Being in business involves a lot of money. You need money to start it, you need money to run it and you need money for a lot reasons. You need money and if there is not enough of it lying around, you will need to borrow.If you are thinking of exploring this option, it will be smart for you [...]

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​Business Partners Salary

Going in a partnership business setting is good for a lot of reasons but it could come with a lot of risks. It does not natter how many players are there, conflict will arise and it is not always easy to deal with.All types of relationship, even those with a business-nature, will have a collection of ups and downs. [...]

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Small Business Grants in UK 2014

The table below is a list of Small business grants in the UK available. The links and number in the right hand column are the place to go for more information on each one. If you find any information here out of date, please let us know via our Contact Us page. Description Amounts Expiry Date Childcare Business Grant A grant for [...]

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​How to Wholesale Cafes

Offering a new product always come with some risk and involves a lot of work, not to mention research. You are offering something new, something whose reception you cannot actually guarantee, so you need to be prepared for it.To somehow guarantee that your business prospers and does well in the market, you can consider looking into the following: You can [...]

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​Promoting a One-Week Sale

Business promotions are essential and when you are running special events and deals, you will need to devote some time, money and effort on making it known that you are running something. To let everyone know, be it your existing clients or potential customers, you need to make well with your efforts to spread the information to the right [...]

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​Business Mentors – How Do You Find or even Identify A Mentor?

In life, people are not expected to go at things on their own. If it seems impossible and you need someone to support you, you can always choose to work with a mentor—someone who will direct your path and tell you what to do; someone who will help put a sense on things and help you make better decisions.Are [...]

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​Selling Low Value, High Weight or Size Items in the UK

Selling Low Value, High Weight/Size Items in the UKWhen a person makes a decision to enter into business he thinks of a few things, but mostly his motivations lie on whether or not the business will be profitable and fruitful to start at all.Good ideas come by all the time but in the case of businesses, people are always [...]

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​Grease Trap Installation Costs

Grease Trap Installation CostsConstruction is a very complicated thing and when you are trying to renovate your leased commercial space, there is much to know about it.One construction fixture that is quite important but is often neglected are grease traps. Grease traps are plumbing devices and they are designed to trap most grease material and solids before they come into [...]

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​Product and Public Liability for Imported Kids Clothes

Product and Public Liability for Imported Kids ClothesIf you have a business, it is important that you find ways to protect your investment and the very business you are running. This is most especially true for online businesses that offer goods to customers. Product and public liability is a common suit and so providing some kind of protection against this [...]

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