​Promoting a One-Week Sale

Posted by Cory List on 8th Jul 2014

Business promotions are essential and when you are running special events and deals, you will need to devote some time, money and effort on making it known that you are running something. To let ev … read more

​Business Mentors – How Do You Find or even Identify A Mentor?

Posted by Cory List on 11th Jun 2014

In life, people are not expected to go at things on their own. If it seems impossible and you need someone to support you, you can always choose to work with a mentor—someone who will direct your p … read more

​Selling Low Value, High Weight or Size Items in the UK

Posted by Cory List on 28th May 2014

Selling Low Value, High Weight/Size Items in the UKWhen a person makes a decision to enter into business he thinks of a few things, but mostly his motivations lie on whether or not the business wil … read more

​Grease Trap Installation Costs

Posted by Cory List on 1st May 2014

Grease Trap Installation CostsConstruction is a very complicated thing and when you are trying to renovate your leased commercial space, there is much to know about it.One construction fixture that … read more

​Product and Public Liability for Imported Kids Clothes

Posted by Cory List on 22nd Apr 2014

Product and Public Liability for Imported Kids ClothesIf you have a business, it is important that you find ways to protect your investment and the very business you are running. This is most espec … read more