Here at Core List, we keep records of Service Organizations in the UK, their telephone, range and business substance names as a beginning stage for advertising and exchanging of your stock or services, if you are interested you can download them from their respective pages below.

What we class as a Service business is a business that offers a service rather than a product. The service they provide does not generally require a degree as does our Professionals section. The services may be for consumers or business and often involve the end users having a service done for them, both personally and for their property.

These business records have been sorted into the specific business classes that fall under the different Service based commercial ventures in the UK. It blankets establishments in all parts of the UK which these operators provide their services. These may be effectively used as publicising or examination databases which concentrate on expanding the general business reach of your Company and the organizations or range of products you supply. Giving you the capability to make your specific customer database and create the data required using our information as a base.

For the purpose of seeing more information on the segments of our Services Businesses, please browse the titles below.