Do you have samples? Can I have one for a certain List?

 Answer: Yes we have samples, You can download them off this page - SAMPLE LISTS

We are primarily targeting companies with our marketing strategy. We need contact details for these particular types of companies in London:

Business brokers, real estate agents, accounting providers, technical engineers, architects, conveyancing companies, construction sector (building contractors, developers, craftsmen, electrical contractors).

Can you supply databases for these different types of companies?

Answer: The List of United Kingdom Businesses maintains a wide range of business categories, which happens to be superior value if you want to contact a number of business categories.

[This is a sample of it], it has one contact per business category. It probably comprises all the categories you are looking for.

How often are your lists updated?

Answer: This is our most current list, our data is revised as there are changes. We do not delete the whole database and start again because it is not necessary. It is built on the accuracy and reliability of public records, such as phone and web directories. If the origin of the data is current, so is our data.

Can you make available email addresses and/or mobile numbers for the businesses in your database? And can I choose this option when ordering the contact?

Answer: Due to the Anti Spam Laws in UK, email addresses are included in s number of contacts who display their emails publicly. They do include postal addresses and phone numbers. It's an affordable way to start creating your own spreadsheet of contacts. In most cases, they contain one main phone number, both equally landline or mobile, whichever one is more prominent. To get email adresses, we recommend doing a telemarketing campaign to the contacts. This works far better than just spamming the contacts. We can provide a proven script for your staff to use for this.

How much does a list or database cost?

Answer: The rate is specified on each lists web page, make sure you go there, and you will find all the information.

Will I get unrestricted use of the contact database as a whole?

Answer: It's an Excel file you download, you can use it as often as you wish. You can also edit and delete it as you wish the moment you purchase it. The total cost is displayed on the website, additionally the current count of contacts in your selection.

What is your {phone number}? Can you please call me?

Answer: We opt for corresponding via electronic mail for legal reasons. What would you like to discuss with us? Please use our Contact Form.

Question: I only need the information for Brighton, because the industry I am in only supplies services in Brighton. We are working with businesses such as car sales, real estate agents, financial advisors and IT solution providers. So, can we expect to receive a subset of each list at a smaller price?

Answer: Sorry to say, we do not split our lists up. You will discover that our prices are absolutely competitive when compared to others due to the fact that we have standard data sets for the various industry segments. To go in and process a bespoke order, filter the listings, and handle the payment would consume more time than our set, automated process. And so we would have to charge a lot more.

Moreover, you will likely notice that, when someone offers a customized list for you, they will almost certainly cost a great deal more than our complete records for UK. You can quite easily filter out the results by yourself, e.g., by postcode, company name, area, or county and get just the desired contacts.

Question: How long will it take until I receive my items? It's not said as soon as purchased.

Answer: Immediately after you've paid, you will be directed back to our website, where you can immediately download it. If, for any reason, you aren't directed back to our site, please go to, and enter the email address that you used to place the order, and reset your online password.

The account was automatically created for you, where you can login and download your business list. We additionally send an email that serves as an invoice, and it contains the download link as well. When you have not received this email within half an hour after purchasing the list, please check your junk folder.

Question: My file download link has expired?

Answer: Please use our contact form and send us your order number. If you can't find the order number, please send us your email address and your name you purchased it under.

Question: I'm interested in conducting a direct marketing campaign in UK, and I'd like to address hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes. How can I facilitate this with your data? It'd be great if a member of your team could call me to talk about the next steps.

Answer: We just provide the data. That means, we don't run campaigns ourselves, we leave that up to you. We can give you a some advise from my experiences, though. We realized that telemarketing, giving a brief description on what your company offers, and asking for the executives name, their email address, and permission to send them some material actually works quite well. You can then send follow-up emails on a regular basis with more info and special deals.

Question: Do you send me updates free of charge when I acquire your lists?

Answer: If you require updated versions, you will need to actually buy again. That said, you won't see too much significant changes right until around every twelve months. Only a couple of records from time to time. On the other hand, you should see that our pricing is quite aggressive when as opposed to other vendors out there.

Question: Could you kindly suggest how many data files there are in Cornwall and how many data files in Yorkshire along with employee estimations? And how many data files in UK with turnover estimations?

Answer: Please view the product page for all details. Alternatively Download a sample database to see the exact colums that are included.

Question: Does the List of Businesses in UK include all of your additional categories?

Answer: Yes it does, it includes all of our additional categories.

Question: How does your database deal with chains of retailers under the exact same name, for instance, Harrods?

Answer: In the majority of cases, every single store location with its address and phone number is in the list.

Question: Does your data have email addresses? We do email marketing?

Answer: Yes, we can include emails that are already publicly available and displayed prominently to the public. The percentage is in the product description..

But the best method is to call the businesses and ask for the best email and contact person. This works indeed very well. It breaks the ice with the people. Lots of our clients have experienced great success with this method. Just email us, and be sure to ask us for a duplicate of our proven outbound telemarketing script.

Question: We purchased some data from you about a week ago. We haven't yet received it. Please confirm that you've received the payment. What are the next steps?

Answer: In some cases, it may take a few days for the payment to clear. Which it did just the other day. You should have received an email yesterday with the download link. Please check your junk mail folder, and if you did not receive it, please let me know, and I will resend the email with the download link.

Question: May I have a sample of your list?

Answer: Yes, you can. You can download one from here.

Question: How were the lists collected? Can I legally upload the list into a service like MailChimp, and send an email out? What exactly can I do with the data, and how did people get on the list?

Answer: This is our latest list, the information is revised as there are changes, i.e., we do not rub out the entire database and start all over again as it isn't necessary. The data is based on the exactness of publicly available information. If the origin of this data is up to date, then ours is also up to date.

MailChimp or AWeber won't let you upload the list. Many others won't either. They will point out that you can't use bought lists.

What we think would work pretty well is to buy the list. Next sort all the sectors that you want to target. Then put a person on part time to speak to them on the phone, introduce your business in a descriptive way in a few  words, then request for the manager's name and email address. Then be sure to ask if you could email some information through regarding your services. By doing this, you've made a polite first contact, and you will stick out from all of the spammers.  When you do this, a lot more of your emails will make it through.

You should be able to get through about 30 phone calls per hour when you use a good phone script. Anyone half decent on the phone should be getting around 70 percent of these to give away their contact details. A smart caller will get almost 100 percent of calls email details. We hope this helps you to work out your cost per lead. 

How much do you charge for 40,000 records, for beauty salons only?
Answer: Here is the link to the product - the price is listed there
Do you charge a handling fee / charge to transfer / give us the data?
Answer: No we don't, just the cost of the products, which is listed on its page.
If we give you a list of postcodes can you match them areas?
 Answer: Sorry, we do not do customised list. You can easily sort them by postcode, county or suburb yourself.
Does the data have the business name, address, postcode and telephone number/s?
Answer: Yes, we do include those in our data lists. Please go to the product page of the item you are interested in and you will find that information there. Which includes the business name, address, postcode and telephone numbers and the percentage of each of these provided.
What is your % of wrong details etc before you replace or refund?

Answer: If you truly are not happy with the list provided and do not think it is worth what you spent, we will provide a refund in full. please notify us of the product you bought and the reason that you require a refund. Please be specific so we can work on improving our products.