Here at Core List, we keep records of Retail Organizations in the UK, their phone, area and business entity names as a starting point for promoting and reselling of your merchandise, these lists are open to download from this page.

What we class as a Retail shop, is a business entity that sells products to end users. Usually as one off or small volume sales which are not commercial in nature. Anyone can purchase off the retailers without the need to enter a commercial agreement or buy a certain value. Their prices are usually set as a Recommended Retail Price.

These business records have been sorted into the particular business classes that fall under the diverse retail divisions in the UK. It covers organizations in all aspects of the UK which these retailers have their stores operating. These may be successfully utilized as advertising or examination databases which focus on augmenting the piece of the overall industry of your Association and the administrations or items you supply. Accommodating you the ability to make your own particular client database and develop the information needed to suit your needs.

For the main points of interest on all sections of our Retail Business data, click on the titles that are underneath.